Best in the world.

It's easy to focus on the things we need to improve and it's often natural that we perseverate on what we don't want in our lives, the negative, the weakness, the flaw. Notice when you speak with people and ask them how they are if the first thing they share is negative. Become increasingly interested in how people share themselves with you, it is most common that they speak to their hurt or frustration, complaint or upset. It doesn't need to be like this.

We are not designed to worry, fret or to deplete our energy and life force getting trapped and tangled in the mud of this world. This is not to say you should not be aware and/or care about the state of your world and what is around you but you do not need to react, become passive, disengaged with life or crust over your heart because you are scared.  Doing these things is not nearly as powerful nor effective as thoughtful and intentional response and resolve. The brain itself and it's perspective along with our habits can all change and become more free, making positive energy flow our natural state of being. 

I'm committed to shifting this paradigm regardless of how entrenched it seems in our society.  I choose to rise above the cultural tendency to see the glass half empty, the world as broken and people as 'bad'. I constantly challenge myself to align my thoughts, my focus and my energy to the following questions (feel free to use them as your own journal prompts!)

  • What is working? 
  • What is good? 
  • What can I do to make a difference?
  • How can I be more loving?
  • What I am best in the world at?

I am best in the world at... creating environments where strangers become friends, or even better, chosen family. I curate spaces where upon landing you attune to your body and heart. Capable of thinking less and feeling more. In these moments you feel calm, trust + know with every cell of your being that you are exactly where you are needed. 

I am best in the world at... helping humans embody self acceptance and worthiness.  I love me, you, others + Nature all the same. I know deeply that we are connected, woven together inside + out. We belong to each other and my goal is to help you remember this in order to strengthen our communities.  

I'm best in the world at... seeing potential, excavating limitations. Believing that there's always more than what simply meets the eyes, that anything is possible + I choose to tap into the non verbal, non physical intelligence of myself and of everything around me to help highlight the bigger picture of what matters most. I cheer for humanity. 

I am best in the world at...using humour, creativity, play and lightness to lift the heavy loads we carry with us.  Fun and humour shift people out of fear and uplifts and softens them. We all have burdens and challenge but getting through them with laughter and fun is one of my most treasured strategies. 

I am best in the world at...hugs. We all need to be held, nurtured and reassured. Nothing soothes a soul more than the safety and comfort of loving arms. I got you. 

Your turn now. 

Start developing the habit of a restful and positively focused mind. (Hence why I enjoy flying so much, I feel like this is all I can do in the moment). If the opposite occurs and our mind constantly wanders, we doubt, grip, force, judge and fear and then ultimately we fatigue in every possible way. Over time we come to associate a distracted mind with this fatigue, anger, resentment and sorrow. We come to see the present as a refuge from the pain and imaginations or stories. We come to see that the present is a place where love lives.

Be still. 

Get quiet. 

Start to take your mind on a journey to discover and ask YOURSELF what am I best in the world at? It can be 1 thing, it can me many. Watch where your thoughts initially take you, is it + or -? Let go of any rigidity or limiting beliefs that do not serve your heart. Be more generous with yourself, ask those around you and gain insight from those you love. Upgrade your thoughts and focus on what is loving, kind and positive. You will begin to see things in a whole new way and feel more confident in sharing your best with the world.

Can't wait to hear what you come up with. 

I see you, I love you. 

Jess xo