Chosen Future

' We are made wise not by the recollection of the past, but by the responsibility for our future' 

A lot of  energy + time is spent teaching/sharing/examining the PAST.

We honour those who have left this Earth.

The creators, legends, innovators, game changers, soldiers,

the oppressed, brave + the naughty ones in between.

Keep it up, they are all humans worthy of recognition. 


What if we started to shift our focus deeper into the PRESENT?

Imagine what can happen if we remember + celebrate the beings that are






Praise their creations. Support ideas. Bandage wounds.

Lift + Ease burdens. Foster belonging. Nurture, soothe + empower.

Transform rather than transact.

Truly choose to KNOW them for the people they are NOW. 

What if we love them so deep that they know on a cellular level that they can

create change + leave a legacy that will be shared for