It's all OK.

I'll admit that there have been moments in my life where I have felt that humanity has gone to absolute shit. This thought is based on fear and has shown up in situations when I have witnessed or learned of violence, hurt, sadness + ignorance.  I have often wanted to close down my heart, protect it, shield it and I've felt that the world was a bit too much for my sensitive soul. That being said, the beautiful bonus in all of the madness is that without the darkness we could not know the light. The hurt, anger, upset or confusion can either knock you down and keep you there, OR it can be redirected and focused in a different manner, as ammunition to rise up. 

In the deepest depth of my heart I do truly like to think + feel that humanity is actually going to be OK.  I believe this to be truth because whatever can be done can also be undone. With destruction come creation, with chaos comes order, with death- there shall be rebirth.  I choose to consciously acknowledge the good and I am determined to create experiences that enhance and elevate people's spirit and the vibration of this seemingly devastated planet. 

One of these said experiences was ‘Lucent’, a festival celebrating Light: Summer Solstice, the light in each of us + collectively as a community. For me, life is the art of connecting and it is quite fitting that the word Yoga literally translates to 'connection or union'. The actual experience of connection is a state of Yoga, a joyful + blissful, fulfilling experience.

Lucent family festival was intended to provide an opportunity for humans to enjoy ‘Yoga’, beyond the physical practice as we often know it [ok, it's true we did bend and move with a few flip dogs thrown in there] BUT what happened was we created the ultimate environment for connection. We created enormous value by combining conversation, coordination, trust, safe space, permission and exchange of ideas into a network of people who wanted to pay attention to one another.  Who wanted to feel presence with themselves and others. 

Before the event transpired, I wrote down words to describe how I wanted people to feel being a part of this magical event. They were:

Grounded // Presence // Free // Included // Wholehearted // Hopeful // Ignited

Judging by smiles on faces, constant laughter and pleas for more fun, I would say that together, we absolutely, 100% #Nailedit. 

What I recognized more than anything was the resounding sense of calm and peace that we cultivated and the sense of belonging. I think it was mainly because of the simple fact that people were offered space to BE themselves, fully, without the masks.  When you extend an invitation to people to rise up and be their best self, even for just a weekend, they become hungry, eager and long for more. Their energy shifts and they draw in more of what they want, not what they do not want.  They start to see that happiness is a choice that they get to make but it is largely influenced by factors such as people, activities, thoughts, nutrition and the physical + emotional environments around us. The choice is made moment to moment and we can lean into light and love or darkness and fear.

Pssst. S'mores + dancing under the moonlight will definitely help you to choose light and love. 

The weekend was a true blessing and I am so incredibly grateful to all who joined. Spending time together in Nature, camping, practicing yoga, connecting with breath, enjoying fire ceremony, walks through the forest, personal discovery and to watch adults and children alike jump on trampolines, giggle + play with every cell in their being lit up was such a blessing. 
Lucent is a potent example of what helps to restores my heart + gives me hope that humanity is OK. We got this, let’s stick together and be the light. 

Thank you.

I love you.

All of you.