Embodied Culture

“You can’t build an important new brand, new company, new non-profit, the old way.” - Seth Godin

Lets work together shall we?

People always come first. It's as simple as that.

Choose humanity.

In the connection economy, there's a dividing line between two kinds of workplaces: those that exist to create connections, and those that don't. The new paradigm of business, the connection economy seeks to place human interaction at the heart of everything and success is measured by our ability to create and connect.

The old economic paradigm was built on physical labour and factory processes, which are finite and dehumanising. We have reached the point where we can’t build things any faster or cheaper and where the labour required is non-scaleable. As Seth says, “Just because you are winning a game, it doesn’t mean it’s a good game.”

What matters now? Trust, permission, remarkability, leadership, storytelling, humanity, connection, compassion and humility.

Companies that establish authentic relationships + invest in their people, who are committed to developing a strong business culture that is big hearted and kind create sustainable, lasting growth. When humans know that they are valued, cared for and honoured for their individual contribution - they will perform in powerful ways. Focus on people produce more innovation and efficiency. 


What's on offer...

  • We help you establish what we call Embodied Culture within your business + team. 

  • Our job is to find you the right tribe, get you connected and create a culture of being for that tribe so that everyone thrives within the foundation of your business.

  • Employees that feel cared about tend to care about others, let us elevate your customer service practices to the next level of goodness. 

  • Help you navigate your vision + goals to ensure your future growth does not come at the cost of your love + passion, original intent + mission. 

  • Increase open dialogue, strategic communication, personal awareness + responsibility among your people. Psst. this really reduces conflict and bullshit. 

  • Generate + build a healthy community that embraces honesty, integrity, collaboration and kindness.

  • We provide you tools to that shift the company's leadership and ways of working from transactional to transformational.

WE co-create and design your program according to your needs + have fun doing it. 

What matters most is that we work in partnership to create a framework that fits like your fave pair of jeans + is exactly what you require based on your business' current state, your strengths, the gaps/weakness + areas of opportunity.

'True leaders don't create more followers, they create more leaders' 


Fancy a coffee? Get in touch, tell us what's going on + lets get the party started. 

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