Where is Bali?

Bali is an island and province in Indonesia, in Southeast Asia. It is one of Jess' absolute favourite places and she has travelled there more than 8 times - she is your go to for travel advice!  


Bali is magical. As probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful beaches with warm and friendly people, a vibrant culture and breathtaking resorts.

Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colourful ceremonies, its arts and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting night life.  For this exotic island has much to offer, from inspirational spirituality to fine dining and meeting experiences, from world class surfing and diving to exhilarating treks in the wild. And everywhere you will find intricately carved temples - the Balinese, who embrace the Hindu religion, are a most devout people where a large part of their lives is dedicated to rites and ceremonies aimed at maintaining harmony in this world.  Indeed, this relatively small island holds many surprises. This is a miraculous island indeed, for after decades of popularity, Bali continues to amaze both local and international visitors alike.  Here gather a variety of visitors from around the globe: from those who come to surf the waves of Kuta, Uluwatu and Dreamland to others who love the panoramic beauty of mountains and lakes at Mount Batur or Kintamani to those who merely love shopping or spend endless days on the beach. More on the NORTH of Bali. 

How do I get to Bali?

Book a flight into DPS (Denpasar Airport). 

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

You’re also in luck! Jess teaches a mixed level class and the beauty of retreat classes is that they offer more time to break down poses and explain things, so chances are that everyone will be learning something, no matter what level they are!

What kind of yoga is it?

There will be two classes each day. The morning class will be a dynamic Vinyasa flow style class, which is a breath-based movement system set to great music and woven together with a inspiring message. You may even get to play with some partner poses or get upside down if you are feeling extra adventurous. The afternoon class will be relaxing and restorative. We will slow down the body right down and focus on the bodily sensations (listening and attuning) as well as the meditative elements of the practice. 

What is the weather like in November?

November is normally characterised by on and off rain. That being said, there have been some years when Bali hasn’t seen its first real rain storm until early January. It’s best to pack wet weather gear and keep an umbrella handy. If you’re booked to visit Bali in November, do not fret. The rain is not constant and, unless you plan on carrying out activities that require very clear visual conditions, things continue as normal.

Humidity levels reach about 80% throughout November so get ready for the heat and be sure to pile on that sunscreen lotion. Most good hotels have air conditioners. If you’re staying in basic accommodation then you will be extra appreciative when the rain stops and is replaced with a refreshingly cool breeze.

What if I’m gluten-free/low-carb/celiac/raw vegan/sugar-free?

You’re in good company. Bali is on the cutting edge of cuisine and they have incredible food options that can fit your lifestyle. Feel free to email us with special needs and we will make sure you’re accommodated.

What should I bring?

Bring a journal, yoga/fitness clothes, a swimsuit or two, a rashguard or top if you’d like to surf or diving, along with shorts, tank tops and a lightweight rain jacket. Some awesome adventures will be had so be sure to bring both sandals AND a pair of closed toe shoes (runners/trainers) to hike and walk in. We also highly recommend bringing a camera, hat, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and perhaps a set of more dressy clothes if you plan on hitting the night life or want to look fine for your lover! Bali is an amazing shopping district so perhaps leave some extra room to bring home some goods! Lastly, you are welcome to bring a yoga mat however, the resort does have some that we are able to borrow for the duration of the retreat. 

Do we need adapters for electronic devices?

If you are coming from the US/Canada, the UK or Australia, YES you do. Indonesian standard for electrical sockets is CEE7/4 Schuko with 220Volt. Same as Germany and France.

Do I need to get a visa? 

You’ll get a 'visa upon arrival' into DPS airport (the cost varies depending on your country of origin - google can help you find that info!) Typically it is 25 USD and is valid for 30 days. As of june 2015 this visa is free of charge for EU citizens.
It is a good idea to reserve this cash for your arrival to make your entry smooth and hassle free as they generally do not accept cards. Keep your passports ready (6 months valid, enough space for the sticker)

What about shots?
Malaria is not an issue in Bali (Java and Lombok are different stories). You don’t need any special shots or medications for a trip to Bali but it is nice to bring some anti-diarrheal medicine as well as motion sickness medicine just in case you get a touch of Bali belly. ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is the most natural + effective prevention we have discovered for Bali Belly - you can find it at your local pharmacy or health food store. 

What about the $ $ $? 

The Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency, normally abbreviated to Rp followed by the value.

When you are at the ZEN RESORT, you will be able to put any additional costs on your villa tab + pay with your card at the end of the trip but there will be a service charge of a small %. The exchange rate is approximately Rp.9,100 = US$1.00. Basically, things cost a lot less in Bali. If you choose to travel elsewhere, there are ATM's all over the place that take Cirrus and Plus. PLEASE tell your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be in Bali or elsewhere, as they might cut off your funds for fraud protection if they don't know it is you. Asia loves Visa or Master card but there are a few restaurants and shops take American Express. 


After the retreat? Consider staying a few extra days to spend time in Bali's cultural hub Ubud or even take a fast boat out to Nusa Lembongan or the Gili Islands. Treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime.