Leadership of Self 

' How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable! ' - Seth Godin

Self-leadership is about understanding who you are, your light, dark + everything in between. Leadership is about choosing to create the changes you truly believe in. It is about an authentic vision for your future, honouring the whole human and then acting out your own personal legacy on this planet.

Your story is K E Y. 

Are you telling one? 

Do you believe it? 

Can you share it? 

Are you the author or are you allowing others to write for you? 

The ultimate goal of Embodied Adventure is to empower individuals to rapidly and radically transform themselves and connect deeply with their purpose. We do this by taking a stand for others + help them to shine up their best self through generous sharing, conversation, connection + kindness. 

Listening is loving and asking for help is necessary at times throughout our journey. Getting support creates new perspective (s), stimulates conversation, accountability,  new goals + allows you to experience a new and upgraded ways of being in the world. 

HOW do we support you?

We will help you discover and articulate what you really want in your life, remove constraints and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and get clear on what is truly possible for you. It is important that we share our best tangible tools with you while holding space for you to integrate them into your own life so that your desired changes + outcomes are lasting and sustainable.

Jess LeBlanc is certified in a body of work called Lightyear Leadership and though the work does some pretty heavy lifting, the foundation of our approach is lightness and fun.  Transformational lightyear programs are available in person or online and can be facilitated one-on-one or groups of any size.  

It is important that this process of working together is aligned in all ways and that we develop a relationship that is strong, trusting and safe. There is no one size fits all and as a result we co create in order to develop a program that best suits you. 

Just like those yummy wee sample at the ice cream shop to ensure your choice lights up all parts of you, we want to offer you a complimentary 20 min call with Jess. If this sounds delish, be in touch below to start booking your session. 

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'I don't develop you. Programs don't develop you. Truth develops you. Truth is the new frontier'

Susanne Conrad, Founder of Lightyear leadership


Now offering...

Personal legacy program

Level One of the Lightyear program is designed for anyone to better understand the process that leads to and creates their own personal legacy. Participants who complete this level will have an authentic written vision, clear and specific goals that guide that vision, and reliable declarations that support the vision and goals in their daily life. Participants will also learn the ways they habitually go into reaction so they can have greater trust in themselves and knowledgeable ways to restore themselves and create a future from a place of choice.