Embodied Adventure is creating experiences for people to connect to their most purposeful self.  Through Yoga, leadership training, retreats +workshops around the globe.

Adventure is an experience, an exploration, a discovery - often unusual, risky, thrilling, unexpected, exciting and maybe even Stirring. This emotional commotion is an opportunity for us to NAVIGATE towards our highest POTENTIAL and ideal lives.

Every piece of our life’s puzzle can be thought of as it’s own adventure

career - health - love - relationships -Spirit - personal growth  

Sometimes the road is planned, paved and signage is great which means things ‘work out’ accordingly, but other times we find ourselves off the beaten track without a tour guide, our bellies filled with hunger and our hearts thirsty for a change of scenery. 

Regardless of where you are in your life’s journey, we believe that the only thing that really changes for humans are details. We all have similar fundamental needs: physical/mental health, protection, affection, participation, understanding, belonging, leisure, identity, freedom and creation. These needs are defined in categories of being (qualities) having (things) doing (actions) and interacting (settings). Embodied Adventure provides experiences that incorporate all of these things holistically in ways that excite and unite your body, mind and spirit.  

As we adventure outward in beautiful, natural settings while surrounded by amazing people and community we feel safe and compelled to venture inward. By immersing ourselves in outdoor adventure we fully experience the wild grander of Nature and see the need for reverence and protection of Mother Earth. Through this act we embody our place within the wondrous world and see ourselves as equally deserving of honour and respect.

We believe you have a greater power than you have ever imagined, no need to change. Be authentically you, identify what truly makes your heart sing, plunge deeper while uniting with others and ignite your higher Self.

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