Jess LeBlanc



I’m jess, an experiential educator, yoga teacher, speaker + leadership facilitator.
My heart is guided by loving kindness, my arms reach wide and my feet love to wander.
I can help you process the fires of life so that you can lead from wholeness + travel lightly.
Being stuck isn't working for you anymore and neither is trying to do it alone.
You belong.

I founded Embodied Adventure and choose everyday to be a Catalyst for Connection because creating experiences for people to live their most purposeful and authentic lives is my jam. What we need more of on this planet are healers, lovers of all kinds, mediators, peacemakers, storytellers and restorers. My mission is to support you in connecting deeper to yourself and to learn how to transform + lead with YOUR heart. 

When you are deeply connected, embodied and listening to yourself + Nature, you are able to attune to others and accelerate success in any facet of your life.


I may be wee and compact but I contain big life-force. A juicy conversation and well heated latte bring light to my world even on the darkest day. The big spark inside of me that ignites others and their unique gifts to the world is a secret weapon even when they did not even think it was possible in their hearts.

I embody both the Spiritual and Science based practices of Yoga and aim to integrate asana, meditation, mind-body medicine, visualization, philosophy, functional movement and somatic awareness as modalities for deeper connection and positive energy flow. I teach a movement practice that is fluid and dynamic, encompassing healing both the anatomy / physiology of the body as well as one's relationship to Self. 

You can expect to flow and move sensually through your practice and feel encouraged to truly express, explore and enjoy your own unique experience. My classes ebb and flow to create a safe space that is inclusive and accommodating to all levels. I encourage kindness, play and lots of love and my ultimate desire is to support you in learning how to lead and transform from your heart. 
For weekly class schedule OR book a Personal/Corporate Private Class. 

'Jess is simply the best yoga instructor I've ever encountered. I follow this site so that I know where/when she is instructing because she brings out the best in my practice and in my character. Simply stated, she does this through her beautiful personality, caring heart, genuine joy, and passion for creating an atmosphere for people to connect with themselves and others'. - Amanda

"Classes are fun & lighthearted and you're sure to laugh learn and love" - Susan

'I first met Jess about 2-3 years ago, when I took one of her yoga classes. The energy and light she projected, was not only contagious, but also inspiring. Since then, she has not only been my yoga instructor, but also a life coach and mentor. With Jess' guidance and knowledge, I am able to bring a renewed perspective to, and move past, old traumas and negative experiences/beliefs. Her customized teaching plans have not only helped me realize what my true passions and goals are, but realize the path to transcend obstacles and reach those goals. The world is a little bit brighter for having such an amazing person and teacher sharing her knowledge and gifts' - Dorota

"Jessica is a beautiful person inside and out. She has an outstanding memory in learning her clientele and not only takes an interest in her class members but she learns how to help each one with their individual needs. She is super knowledgeable and can teach any person with any requirements. Highly recommend her teaching, and her personality, she is a beacon of light and a benefit to all" - Sandy