A family friendly festival celebrating Natural Connection + Community. 


August 19-20. 2017

ghost valley wilderness area, Alberta Canada


We need each other on this planet and together we are brilliant.  Power and magic is created when people choose to share their best selves, offer presence + authentically enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Lucent is the chance for ALL of us to disconnect from the chaos of life so that we can tap into more gratitude, our collective wisdom, create new ideas, feel supported, playful + inspired. Come, be a part of the fun. Adventure with us + know that you belong.

S T O P + Press pause. Sllloooooooowwwww down. Carve out time to truly connect with yourself, your family and dozens of other like-minded humans. Come together in the great outdoors with us for this unique family festival and allow yourself to Reset, Restore and Ground. 

You will have the opportunity to experience...

  • Yoga classes for all ages + ability
  • CAMPING (optional but highly suggested!)
  • Meditation + Relaxation
  • Live Music
  • Healing ceremony + sacred community rituals
  • Artisan Marketplace
  • Local Food Vendors + Trucks
  • Workshops + demos
  • Bonfire + S'mores!!!!
  • Dancing
  • Arts + Crafts
  • Tonnes of kids activities
  • + much much more. 


We want to be able to elevate + support others as best as we can. This is an invitation to all the makers + shakers out there who are interested in sharing their gifts with the world to be a part of our event. Sell your goods, offer your service, feed the people, contribute sponsorship, giveaways etc. Click below to be in touch and let us know who you are + how you would love to get involved. 

'Devote yourself to the community around you + devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning' - Mich Albom