Embodied Adventure and Blissfully Rebecca are thrilled to invite you to our Winter Seasonal Attunement. In the natural world we know that winter allows the soil to rest and replenish. It also gives foliage a way to rid itself of old growth in order to make room for the new growth that comes in the spring. These natural processes of death and new birth carry over into our spiritual lives as well. By taking the time to slow ourselves down and let winter do its job, then the season becomes something that we can treasure and not just make it through.

It's a beautiful time to experience rest + develop internal practices such as breath work, self-nurture/care, meditation, writing and yoga. Let us guide you + teach you how to create healthy lifestyle habits and goals that warm your heart right up! 

Winter represents the most Yin aspect of Chinese Medicine. Yin is the inward energy - associated with cold, dark + slow, hibernation mode in many ways. The organ that is associated with this season is the Kidneys which hold our body's most basic and fundamental energy. Stress and uncontrolled reaction to stress can cause damage. When the adrenals become depleted, the body is unable to handle stress.  This condition is called adrenal overload, burnout or exhaustion. 

The liver and the kidney are the organs that have to process the results of the stress.  They process the chemical and hormonal aftermath of our mental, emotional, physical, chemical, and spiritual responses. We believe that by harmonising oneself with the season we can draw on the teaching of Nature to stay healthy, preventing energy depletion and dis-ease in the body.

February 17-19th 2017. located in the wild between

Cochrane + Canmore Alberta, Canada. 

You will have the opportunity to experience...

  • 2 nights luxury Rocky Mountain Chic Accommodation  
  • Daily yoga practices / guided meditations
  • Leadership of self work: Goal setting
  • Personal growth / healing
  • Holistic nutrition workshop + demos
  • Time to appreciate Nature + reconnect to Self / other like minded souls
  • light, fun + inclusive environment that will leave you feeling inspired and strong
  • Fully catered meals/snacks that accommodate all dietary needs
  • You will also be invited to become a part of our online community + provided a number of tools, recipes and gifts for you to take home.

There are a variety of costing options ranging from $350-$750 to support different budgets and preferences  (Ridin' solo, bringing a friend, want to snuggle with someone etc!) 

Adventures will begin after work on Friday finish Sunday afternoon in order to have you home in time for Sunday dinner with the famjam. 


For more detailed information or to let us know you would like to come, please email us below. 

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